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Helpful Tips

While showering, use the detachable shower head, or take a lukewarm bath. Use makeup cleansing wipes to cleanse your face and take your makeup off.

If you experience any redness, it will subside over the next 24 - 48 hours.  

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The color of your cosmetic tattoo will appear 2-3 times darker, thicker and more sharply defined immediately after the procedure due to the excess ink and dead skin drying up in the area. The results may look bold during the healing process

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Hands Off

True color of the tattoo won't show until almost 4 weeks after your skin has healed. During the healing process, the tattoo may get patchy, as each stroke will heal at a different pace. They will start to get flaky and very itchy. DO NOT touch or scratch your eyebrows!

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Color Fade

The color of your cosmetic tattoo will begin to lighten and soften after about 10 - 14 days from your initial appointment. As the skin heals, some of the strokes may disappear and reappear throughout your healing process.

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Stay Cool

DO NOT participate in any activities that may cause your body temperature to increase. The blood temperature can rise under the skin causing you to sweat, which may result in the pigment being pushed out of the skin. This will cause the brows to heal patchy and uneven.

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Avoid Water

DO NOT get your brows wet. It is extremely important to not wet the tattoo for 10 - 14 days, as this could be damaging to the bonding process, which must take place for the pigment to be stabilized in the skin.

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No Makeup

DO NOT use makeup or skin-care products on your cosmetic tattoo during the entire healing period. The use of makeup or skincare on your tattoo can cause infection and damage to your healed results.

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